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Image of a 14K gold peacock feather pendant featuring blue sapphires, chrome diopside, and pavé diamonds
Peacock Feather - Hayley Style
Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather

Hayley Style

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This stunning Gold Peacock Feather pendant features over 2 carats of diamonds, blue sapphires, and chrome diopside all set in 14K yellow gold. If you’re looking for something unique and beautiful to show off your sophisticated style, this pendant from Hayley Style is it.


  • Stunning pavé diamonds
  • Colorful blue sapphires and chrome diopside
  • High-quality 14K gold
  • Each piece is made to order

Each of our gold pendants is designed to be mixed and matched with our gold chains. And all of our jewelry is meant to be layered for a chic stylish look. All of our pendants are made to order so you can be sure that you are getting only high-quality, custom-made jewelry from Hayley Style. Order your Gold Peacock Feather pendant today!


  • 9.49 grams of 14K yellow gold
  • .24 carats of blue sapphires
  • .50 carats of chrome diopside
  • 2.10 carats of pavé diamonds