The Jewels of South Beach

Another week comes to pass as we collectively enter into new phases of adjustment. Continued quarantine, cautious re-openings, and ever more “new normals.” Amidst unprecedented and unsettling changes I find solace in what remains unchanged, Miami’s signature flair.

Hayley Style

My hometown, who’s vibrant beachy vibes shape my style and my attitude. I’m paying homage to the iconic jewels of South Beach -- because in our dreams right now, we’re all on vacation. 

Hayley Style

Vacation you is walking tan-shouldered down Ocean Drive. Vacation you is brunching at my favorite spot, the Betsy Hotel. Vacation you is sexy, stylish, and confident. Vacation you is dripping in jewels dancing to the perfect summer song. You know vacation you. Because vacation you is just you, feeling free and on fire. 


What’s the best accessory to wear to brunch on the beach? Hayley Style is about channeling that vacation version of you, always. On the beach or in quarantine. While on vacation or while being the ever changing other versions of ourselves -- mother, friend, sister, daughter, boss. Hayley’s jewels capture the ethos of South beach so that we can keep it consistently cool, in our style and in our attitude. 


xo, Hayley

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