Written by Hayley Denman


Posted on June 07 2021

Somewhat miraculously, Summer has arrived again. This year more than ever, I find myself embracing the season. The experiences and lessons of the last year serve to reinforce this longtime personal style philosophy: Live in Color.

Model wears one piece bathing suit, with beaded jewelry from Hayley Style

Wardrobing your jewelry for summer is about layering color and classics for a beautiful look customizable to you. This season you’ll find me layering metals, beachy beads, and eye-catching pendants. This combination is the ultimate celebration. It is lived in, confident, and cool. Pair it with a bathing suit or your favorite sundress, and transition seamlessly from day to night.

Model wears summer beads at the beach, designed by Hayley Style

How will you live in color this summer?

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Model wears blue bikini with Hayley Style gold jewelry.



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