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Hayley Style has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Fox, CBS, and even rocked out by Serena Williams during a television appearance. Everyone loves Hayley Style, and we know you will too! Our boho-chic designer jewelry helps individuals show off their unique personal style. You can mix and match necklaces and pendants, layer necklaces, and wear as many bead bracelets as you like. Shop our selection of designer jewelry at Hayley Style and keep a look-out for our jewelry being featured in magazines, on television, or being worn by your favorite celebrities. Shop Hayley’s Must-Haves for Hayley’s favorite pieces!

Hayley Style jewelry featured in new
Chase Bank TV commercial, starring Serena Williams
Sept. 2018

Miami Swim Edition 2018
styled by and featuring Hayley 

Ocean Drive Magazine Hayley Style Swim Guide 2018

Laguna Beach Magazine
July/August 2017

Laguna Beach Magazine Hayley Style

Hayley's CBS Miami Interview with Lisa Petrillo
Ocean Drive Magazine Swim Guide 2017


Hayley Style CBS Miami Swim Week

See Hayley's interview as she styles the latest photo shoot for Ocean Drive Magazine's SWIM GUIDE 2017

Ocean Drive Magazine
Swim Guide 2016

Montage Magazine
Winter 2016

 Housewives of New York 

Montage Magazine
Fall 2016 

Ocean Drive Magazine
Swim Guide 2015

Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit 2013 

Serena Williams sporting Hayley Style